Our Town Reno

Angela, a Mother, Walks from California to Nevada into Homelessness

Episode Summary

Angela arrived in Reno in 2019, walking all the way from Ridgecrest, California, with her husband. The journey took her twelve days and once in the Biggest Little City, they separated, and her life derailed further. A mother of four, she says, she isn’t allowed to see her kids until they turn 18. She keeps that motivation as her main goal to keep going. Shortly after arriving, however, the setbacks started coming. During the first month she was staying at the Wonder Lodge motel in Reno, when she says she was robbed. "Someone came in the door and took everything we had," Angela said. "[At the time] I was out looking for a job." After the robbery, she started staying at the downtown shelter on Record St. At the time she was still able to live off her disability checks, that is until, she says her Social Security card, ID and birth certificate were stolen from her as well. "It's been difficult because I get money, so I shouldn't be out here," Angela said of living without stable shelter. "But I can't touch it [now]. I can't even get an ID here without a birth certificate." Our reporters for this episode are Lucia Starbuck and Scott King.