Biggest Little Streets

Arthur, Advocating for Better Police Recruitment and Training

Episode Summary

Arthur was attending a recent Black Lives Matter event in downtown Reno, and as he sometimes does, was watching from a distance at first. Large groups of police congregated on bikes behind him. The Michigan native who is new to Reno says he doesn’t understand why police officers get so little training before entering police forces across the country, sometimes even less than what beauticians go through.. “You know, we sent you to school more to do hair than we do to protect and serve the lives of citizens and people. I mean, it's not an easy job. You literally have to be a superhero. Seriously. If you really want to be a cop, you literally have to act like a superhero. You got to let somebody shoot you first or shoot at you first, before you fire, you literally have to go in like a fireman,” he said of the risks involved in being a police officer. Listen to many more of his insights in your latest episode in this the summer of 2020, marked by new thoughts and protests to end systemic police racism, brutality and unjustified killings.