Biggest Little Streets

JD, Mourning his Father and Broken Family While Homeless

Episode Summary

J.D. says he’s from a broken family and that he’s never recovered from facing his father’s death without the support of his relatives. “That's the reason why a lot of people are homeless because there's broken families, they're fighting each other, brothers and sisters are fighting each other,” he said. “Wives and husbands are fighting with each other. That's what's going on right now in life. That's the reason I'm homeless because my family is dysfunctional…. broken….” He tried to rebound with odd jobs for older people, raking leaves, helping with yard work, but he says he has had fewer and fewer opportunities. “Like if somebody needs help, I do it for free, but sometimes they give me something, a little pocket change and I take it because I do need it but I don't ask or beg for it. They just give it to me out of their own heart.” Our reporters for this episode are Prince Nesta and Jordan Blevins.