Our Town Reno

Daniel, Getting His ID Stolen and Arrested for Sitting

Episode Summary

Daniel, who lives in and out of homelessness, has gone through many recent trials and tribulations, including having his ID stolen and getting arrested for sitting in an empty parking lot, where a motel recently got bulldozed down. Working in construction for the past 14 years, he’s grateful he still has a job that keeps him somewhat afloat. At times, it allows him to not only look out for himself, but for others living on the streets as well. “Thank goodness I have a trades skill that I learned and I have some college [experience],” Daniel said. “This past weekend, I had some cash and I’m always thinking, ‘Well what am I going to do? So I bought a couple of guys some clothes, I got another couple of guys a room.’” The reporter for this episode is Scott King as part of Share Your Story at the downtown Reno library.