Our Town Reno

Devon Reese, a Councilman in Reno, Sees Hope and Challenges for the Homeless

Episode Summary

Issues surrounding people without shelter seem to be reaching a boiling point across the western United States, including here in Reno. Is society criminalizing poverty or are we showing empathy, or a bit of both? For the Biggest Little Streets podcast, several weeks ago, Our Town Reno reporter Scott King went to City Council to meet with at-large councilman Devon Reese. In Fall 2020, Reese is running for his seat he was appointed to, so we wanted to know where he stands on a range of issues dealing with our affordable housing crisis. He gave updates on a new campus for homeless women and children, on a dormitory project which hasn't filled up and on other developments, while sharing his overall views on preserving the dignity of all the people he is trying to serve, including those without stable shelter. This is part of a longer interview which was featured in an Our Town Reno web story.