Biggest Little Streets

Downtown Ambassadors Inside a Business Improvement District During COVID-19

Episode Summary

In this episode, we go on the streets of Reno with Kristuffer Richmond, who was a Downtown Ambassador, as part of the Downtown Reno Partnership, as COVID-19 hit the Biggest Little City. Before the stay at home orders, during the stay at home orders, and as Reno slowly reemerges, the pursuits of the Partnership, a so-called Business Improvement District, and the work of its ambassadors, have pretty much stayed the same. But many in our community remain confused as to what exactly the very visible ambassadors do, and how the BID fits in with the rest of the city’s leadership and future. Our reporter on the streets is Lucia Starbuck. For this episode she also teamed with Scott King to do an in-studio interview with Alex Stettinski, the Executive Director of the Partnership, and Mike Higdon, its marketing manager.