Our Town Reno

Getting to Full Capacity at the Village on Sage Street

Episode Summary

The Village on Sage Street, which offers affordable dorm style living inside large containers, was started in Reno in August 2019 after over 50 truckloads delivered the prefab buildings from a working site in Wyoming. Tenant requirements were loosened after the project launched to accept more lower income senior citizens. The 200 plus unit compound is now reported to be at 100% capacity. Each unit goes for $400. Our reporter for this episode is Scott King. He interviews Nick Tscheekar the community engagement officer with the Community Foundation of Western Nevada. The non-profit manages the compound on land donated by the City of Reno and operated by the Volunteers of America organization, which has local contracts to also run shelters. Residents have complained bathrooms, hallways and other common areas such as laundry and recreation spaces don’t always get cleaned quickly enough. They also have complained about too much security, and feeling watched a little too closely. Life isn’t perfect at the Village on Sage Street, but residents we spoke to said they thought they were getting really good value for $400 a month.