Our Town Reno

Malik Muhammad, Looking to Rebound after Being Caught with Drugs

Episode Summary

Muhammad didn’t want his picture taken, but expressed his views on staying at the Reno-Sparks Gospel Mission, as part of their services helping those without shelter. “I'm there right now only because I got caught on crack last month. They took my car and all my property that was in that car. I lost maybe $2,500 in property last month. I'm on SSI and that took a toll on me,” he said. Homeless shelters come in for a lot of criticism. But for some like Malik Muhammad it keeps them out of the elements for a while and they make do with all the rules. In this Biggest Little Streets podcast episode, the Oakland, California, native shares his experience of being homeless in Reno and staying overnight at the downtown shelter. Our reporter is Scott King as part of our Share Your Story time at the downtown Reno library.